Our Mission


To be a valuable asset for the nation, communities, and investors.

To be a company which provides facilities to the organizations members to reach their dreams.

To be the prominent company that has services and products which customers looking for.

To be the prominent company which dedicated to services and products for the customers.


Established in 1975, now we are one of the leading textile industry in Bandung - West Java, Indonesia. We are an integrated textile industry whose process are started from producing yarn at Gistex Chewon Synthetic factory, weaving and dyeing at Gistex Textile factory. Our sales have already reached 3 million yards per month and the products are exported worldwide. We maintain the quality of our products by striving for continuous improvement within our management, importing high quality machines, selecting the best materials, and keeping on the development of our human resources.


Our factories are equipped with the latest technologies of machineries, and systems enabling us to meet the exact standards required by our customers. It's a proof of our persistence and total commitment to delight our customers. As a Team, we are consisted of dynamic, talented, highly motivated, and dedicated people. Gistex is the first choice to be your business partner. We preserve our cultural value at every management levels, and values are the fundamentals of the implementation of our continuous improvement. Our people are strongly eager to keep growing the company as the best one. We have strong Research and Development Division who always innovating to develop the new items, which suitable for market needs with the competitive price. Our talented staffs, who support with modern machine are working hard to keep our product up-to-date to produce a new product faster.



Our Vision


Grow from good to great company. As we use this term "Great" means double digit revenue and profit growth each year from more


Innovation that serve our customer needs worldwide. It will surely require that we become more


Service oriented company instead of product company. We sincerely believe that


Together we can achieve this change, and make GISTEX a more


Exciting place to work than other competitor. In the process GISTEX will be


Xtraordinary company for stakeholder, customers, employees, and environment

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